In the spirit of the New Year and fresh beginnings, I’m excited to introduce myself as the new chief editor of pme.

In the year ahead, expect to see a sharper focus on the topics and subjects that bring you back to the magazine every month, in addition to timely stories covering new ground. Toward that effort, I want to hear from our readers and industry partners. Don’t hesitate to call or email me with comments, suggestions or invitations to meet in person. I want to visit your facility, office or jobsite. You can find my cellphone number and email address at the bottom of this page. I also look forward to meeting many of you for the first time at the AHR Expo this month in Atlanta, where you’re all invited to stop by our BNP Media party from 4-6 p.m., Monday, Jan. 14 at booth #B1439.

A little about me: I arrive at pme following four years as an associate editor with fellow BNP Media publications Quality magazine and Appliance Design. Before that, I was the city hall reporter for a daily newspaper in central Illinois, and then a general news reporter for community newspapers in Chicago’s western suburbs.

I currently live in Chicago, a city with a proud manufacturing history and famously onerous building codes (there may have been a large fire — will have to double check).  I care immensely about the trades, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction and energy use — their health as industries, the people who work in them and their effect on the built environment around us. Plumbing engineering plays an integral role in all those pursuits, and it’s exciting to lead a magazine with so many important applications.

Speaking of fire prevention, this month’s edition features an indispensable column from Jacqueline Wilmot on standpipe requirements at marinas and piers. Additional highlights include a look at radiant-heating systems fueled by boilers that run on automotive waste oil, and a preview of what to look for at the big show this month in Atlanta.

Longtime pme columnist Julius Ballanco also covers a topic important to me, specifically as a Chicago resident — lead in drinking water. It’s relevant regardless of your location, but especially so for those of us living in old cities. As Ballanco says in his article, “The worst thing you can do as an engineer is say, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ If you hear of lead in drinking water, worry about it.” That simple advice extends beyond drinking water. The worst thing I could say as a chief editor is, “Don’t worry about it.” I won’t.

This month, I’m also keen to point out our Movers and Shakers page, which has a fresh look. It’s a hint toward the year ahead when you should expect to see a full redesign of the magazine.

So, let’s raise a toast to the new year and to an exciting future for pme.