The American Society of Plumbing Engineers Region 3 Director Steve Mastley, CPD, announced the appointment of QuantumFlo Founder and CEO David Carrier as the Society’s Region 3 affiliate liaison.

Carrier replaces Thomas Sharp, Charlotte Pipe’s field technical services representative for the southeastern U.S., who was elected as an ASPE 2018–2020 vice president, affiliate. In his role, Carrier will disseminate information from the Society’s board of directors to Region 3 chapter affiliate liaisons and communicate on behalf of the chapters. Region 3 encompasses 14 ASPE chapters in the southeast U.S.

“I spoke with several people regarding the appointment of a replacement for Tom with the most qualified individual, and David was mentioned several times,” Mastley said. “I believe he is the best choice to fill the position.”

Carrier has worked in the packaged-pumping-systems market for the last 33 years. He started as an independent representative in 1984 while attending the University of South Florida. Then, as one of the top sales agents in the country, Carrier was asked to create and develop a packaged systems product line for a major pump manufacturer, ASPE explained. After successfully deploying a national marketing and production organization, Carrier served as global sales manager for a fire-pump controls manufacturer before returning to packaged systems production.

Carrier has authored several publications regarding packaged pump systems, specializing in the application and promotion of variable-speed pressure control. He has presented technical sessions on variable-speed design at the 2006 and 2016 ASPE conventions and the 2017 ASPE Technical Symposium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.