The project: The Current Iowa Hotel

The location: Davenport, Iowa

The products: TOTO’s WASHLET S300e high-tech bidet and the TOTO Drake II

The details: In September, the hotel’s owners announced more than 20,000 guests have used a TOTO WASHLET S300e or the TOTO Drake II in one of its 78 guest rooms and suites. The Drake II is a 1.28-gpf option that saves The Current 20% more water than a 1.6-gpf option, TOTO states. The WASHLET S300e reduces the need for toilet paper with its personal-cleansing system. Both the WASHLET and the Drake II conceal all connections for a seamless look, TOTO states.

Current Hotel developer Amy Gill states: “We believe the TOTO WASHLET experience helps us get even greater guest-survey scores.”