Bradford White Corp. announces the launch of its new AeroTherm heat-pump water heaters, which now are in production in the company’s plant in Middleville, Michigan. When compared to a standard electric water heater, the AeroTherm heat-pump water heater can save the average household about $300 a year, Bradford White explains. Based on those savings, the company adds, the water heater could effectively pay for itself over its lifetime. As a Bradford White product, the new EnergyStar-certified AeroTherm features Vitraglas corrosion protection and will have a six- or 10-year warranty option for both tanks and parts. The water heater features convenient top connections and can by fully repaired in the field (both sealed system and electrical). It features four different operating modes: heat-pump mode (most energy efficient), hybrid (energy-efficient with faster recovery), standard electric (best performance) and vacation (save energy when the unit is not being used).

Bradford White.

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