ASHRAE launched its Building Energy Quotient Portal, which will provide a faster, more automated approach to receive a Building EQ Performance Score.

“The primary goal of the Building EQ program is to promote more energy-efficient buildings and give owners actionable recommendations to improve a building’s energy use,” said Hugh Crowther, Building EQ committee chair. “We’re excited to launch this integrated resource that will help users identify opportunities to lower building operating costs and make informed decisions to increase value.”

Building EQ works on ASHRAE methodologies, standards and the experience of credentialed practitioners. Two different evaluations — In Operation and As Designed — can be used independently to compare a candidate building to other similar buildings in the same climate zone. . In Operation compares actual building energy use based on metered energy information. As Designed compares potential energy use based on the building's physical characteristics and systems with standardized energy use simulation. The In Operation rating is available now and the As Designed rating will be available in early 2018.

The portal delivers the following items:

Building EQ Performance Score rates the building’s performance and is shown on the screen at all times for all projects;

User Input Report documents the data entered into the Building EQ Portal for a specific project and is available for all submissions;

Building EQ Label Report displays the Building EQ Performance Score and is available for approved submissions;

Building EQ Disclosure Report presents key energy use information for compliance with disclosure ordinances and will be available for a fee for approved submissions; and

Audit Report Spreadsheets will be automatically populated with the information gathered during the In Operation assessment for use in a final audit report and will be available for a fee for approved submission.