ASSE 1004-2017: Performance Requirements for Commercial Dishwashing Machines has been designated as an American National Standard for the American National Standards Institute. The standard is now available for purchase.

ASSE 1004 applies to backflow prevention devices used on potable water supplies connected to commercial dishwashers. The backflow devices include atmospheric-type vacuum breakers complying with ASSE 1001, hose-connection vacuum breakers complying with ASSE 1011, pressure vacuum breakers complying with ASSE 1020, hose-connection backflow preventers complying with ASSE 1052, spill-resistant vacuum breakers complying with ASSE 1056 and air gaps.

“This standard was first adopted by ASSE International nearly 50 years ago,” Working Group Chairperson William Chapin said. “However, due to changes in commercial dishwashing machine technology, it is necessary for the standard to continually be updated. In this 2017 edition, some of the important changes include updates to testing procedures, the allowance of additional types of backflow protection devices and testing to NSF/ANSI 372, Drinking Water System Components — Lead Content for products in contact with water anticipated for drinking or cooking.”