REHAU’s RAUPEX SPEED radiant fastening system allows heating pipe in overpour and concrete to be installed up to 30% faster. The 3 mm-thick mat features an adhesive backing that securely attaches to the flooring material. The 1/2” O2 barrier pipe with hook-and-loop wrap then quickly and easily adheres to the mat without the use of specialized tools. The 1/2” pipe is offered in 300’ and 1,000’ (91.4 and 304.8 m) coils and 3-mm-thick mat is offered in 3.1’ by 52.9’ (0.93 by 16.13 m) rolls. A horizontal uncoiler dispenses pipe coils up to 1,000’ without twists or kinks. Installers can mount a door spreader above the floor in the wall opening between the uncoiler and the installation area to guide pipe using an open ring.