Malco Products’ SmartTool stapling system makes installing a PEX in-floor radiant heating layout on a wire grid and foamboard base 80% faster. The ergonomic 38 1/2” tall tool weighs 6.1 pounds and operates from a standing position to attach SmartClips to a 3.5 mm wire grid.  A large capacity, top-loading magazine holds more than 40 clips (two loading strips). The clip accommodates 1/2” PEX tubing, which the user also installs from a standing position by pressing into place with one foot while distributing the PEX along the clip layout. The SmartClip keeps the inserted PEX elevated over the wire grid to provide thorough concrete encasement and coverage. The resulting straighter, more accurate PEX layout placement ensures even distribution of in-floor heating.

Malco Products.