Distributors, dealers and engineers can learn about product applications, markets, troubleshooting and system components at Goulds Water Technology Factory School. Fourth-quarter classes continue through November.

These educational offerings are held at the Campbell Education Center laboratory in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Instructor-led classes provide training in commercial and industrial pump product and applications, and advanced commercial and industrial drive features and software.

In addition to in-person and online courses, GWT recently launched an interactive online learning tool for the Aquavar SOLO2, which brings the SOLO2 user interface board to computer or tablet.

The GWT e-learning virtual education program contains 11 modules that follow the GWT Factory School training schedule but are modified for individual comprehension. Modules contain videos and interactive online resources.

Online WebEx training seminars can be accessed globally and provide users with up-to-date product information, troubleshooting support and industry knowledge.

Goulds Professional Dealers Association loyalty program members who enroll in GWT Factory School courses will receive points for attending training sessions: 10,000 points for in-person factory school courses, 1,000 points for enrolling in e-learning, 500 points for each online module and 250 points for each WebEx training session.

For course descriptions or to learn how to register for in-person and e-learning courses, visit goulds.com/factory-school and goulds.com/e-learning.