The American Society of Plumbing Engineers and the Water Quality Association announced a new 2015 version of the WQA/ASPE/ANSI “S-803: Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Systems” received formal accreditation by ANSI as an American National Standard. The new version enhances its scope to include ultraviolet treatment systems as well as dispensers, which include coolers and heaters.

The first version accredited in 2014, covered filtration products utilizing activated carbon, polypropylene, polyethylene and string-wounded filter media. WQA and APSE collaborated with other water-treatment industry stakeholders to create new modules designed to address distinct environmental impacts of UV treatment systems and cooler-type products.

Specifically, new modules address energy efficiency in the use-phase of product lifestyles; the toxicity and “conflict minerals” in electrical components; the ozone depletion and global warming effects of refrigerants; and the utilization and end-of-life disposition of mercury in UV lamps.

“This standard will help the drinking water treatment industry distinguish itself in the area of environmental leadership, help manufacturers improve their environmental footprint and help give credibility to companies that wish to promote their environmental achievements,” said Stuart Mann, MWS, WQA sustainability certification supervisor.