The American Society of Plumbing Engineers and the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly advance the organizations’ mutual interests in the design and installation of rainwater and stormwater harvesting systems.

The team groups have a desire to increase results in both areas of harvesting by promoting these strategies as a valuable water resource for a variety of potable and nonpotable uses. The organizations will work together to:

• Assess ways to jointly implement activities concerning local rain-harvesting activities;

• Collaborate on capacity-building activities to reinforce knowledge in other countries and communities;

• Facilitate the dissemination of best management practices;

• Share knowledge and expertise concerning rain harvesting;

• Promote mutually beneficial standards and codes, and their adoption in model codes and regulations; and

• Advance the science and technology of catchment systems.

“This MOU represents our dedication to continue expanding opportunities for both ASPE and ACRSA to advance the goals of the associations relative to the health and safety of the public,” said William Smith, FASPE, ASPE’s executive director/CEO. “Due to our recent work related to two industry standards on rain and stormwater harvesting this was the perfect time to make a statement of unity with an MOU focused on increased collaborative efforts.”

ARCSA President David Crawford added: “We at ARCSA are very excited about the growth of our relationship with ASPE. We have made great progress in the rainwater harvesting education program and the new standards 63 and 78 as the go-to guide for rainwater harvesting in the country. Our two organizations form a great team approach. We look forward to our continued work on this important relationship for both organizations. Billy Smith provides great leadership and professionalism for our team.”