The ICC and ASHRAE partnered to create 2015 Water Efficiency Provisions of the International Green Construction Code. It’s the most complete code resource on water conservation and efficiency, and includes water-related IgCC provisions to support regions facing critical water challenges and drought.

It also has references for indoor and outdoor water efficiency and conservation provisions throughout 2015 IgCC and the 2015 International Plumbing Code, Chapter 13 on Nonpotable Water Systems and more.

“The updated WEP provides the most contemporary requirements for designers, policy makers and the construction community who are looking for ways to deal with severe droughts and the need to better conserve one of life’s most precious resources — water,” ICC CEO Dominic Sims said. “The WEP provides a concise and comprehensive resource to address the challenges associated with water scarcity.”

ASHRAE President David Underwood added: “Water efficiency and conservation are critical factors in the design and operation of buildings. Given that buildings consume 20% of the world’s available water, this update to the Water Efficiency Provisions is vital in helping our industry save significant amounts of water. It contains water efficiency provisions from Standard 189.1, which deals with all aspects of sustainable building design.”