According to the Water Quality Association’s “2015 Study of Consumers’ Opinions and Perceptions Regarding Water Quality” report, consumers have become slightly less confident than they were two years ago in the quality of water in their homes.

Fifty-six percent of respondents – 4% more than in 2013 – describe themselves as “concerned” or “very concerned” with the quality of their water. The study also verified the impact government alerts have on consumer behaviors. Nearly half of responders (48%) report to have purchased a water-filtration device after receiving a “boil water” or “unsafe water for use” alert.

Other notes of interest from the study:

• Between 56-66% express willingness to pay more for a home water-treatment system that is able to remove biological waste, arsenic, lead and other contaminants.

• 77% of respondents say they’re regular drinkers of bottled waters. That is up 5% from 2013 and 12% from 2011.

The study is based on a national survey conducted in March by Applied Research – West, an independent third-party market research firm.