The Plastic Pipe Institute Building & Construction Division honored REHAU with a “Project of the Year” award for its role in the École Secondaire Jeunes sans Frontiers (Secondary School for Youth Without Frontiers) project in Brampton, Ontario. 


The school has earned the Canadian Green Building Council’s LEED Silver certification. The 91,000 sq.-ft.-project was designed by Robertson Simmons Architects and is dedicated to fostering an enriched, student-focused learning experience. The HVAC system includes a REHAU radiant slab heating and cooling system, which circulates a heated or chilled water-glycol solution through a network of PEX piping installed in the floors throughout the building.


“To help the school recognize the benefits of a combined radiant heating and cooling system, we supplied a finite element analysis to model the floor heating and cooling output,” said Mark Euteneier, president of Klimatrol Environmental Systems, the project’s designer and supplier. “The results predicted a significant energy savings due to reduced heating and cooling loads and increased efficiencies of the heated and chilled water sources. Coupled with the comfortable, even method of heating and cooling, this analysis made the REHAU radiant system a must-have for the project.”