Bosch Thermotechnologyis launching a national geothermal awareness campaign on Earth Day 2015 to raise public awareness and understanding of geothermal heating and cooling technology and its environmental benefits.

The public campaign is designed to further the understanding and acceptance of geothermal technology as an unlimited, renewable form of energy and serve to advance the industry and its all those involved — equipment manufacturers, drillers, installing contractors, industry associations, residential home developers and homeowners. It will culminate in a national day of recognition for geothermal scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

The campaign’s website on geothermal awarenessis dedicated to information and activities relating to geothermal along with an educational video and interactive children’s activities. Widespread adoption of geothermal technology in the years ahead will reduce carbon dependence and help create a cleaner and more sustainable world of the future, benefiting future generations.

The website features:

  • Geothermal 101 video
  • Introduction to geothermal technology
  • Geothermal features and benefits
  • Information & guidance for homebuyers & homeowners
  • Industry professionals section
  • Homebuilder-property developer section
  • Kids Loop section of fun materials and activities (Ages 5-13)
  • Parents & educators section
  • List of resources

Bosch’s commitment to geothermal

Bosch’s is engaging with geothermal industry partners and stakeholders in support of its campaign through participation in campaign efforts and in-kind support. While acknowledging its own stake in the industry — Bosch is a manufacturer of ground and water-source heat pumps used in geothermal applications – the campaign has a higher purpose: to create broad new awareness for an industry that remains today at less than 10% market share for all heating-cooling business in North America. 

“At Bosch, in keeping with a core value to advance environmental friendly product solutions worldwide, we certainly do believe in geo and we are committed to it,” said Vitor Gregorio, president of Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. “This website concentrates more information about geothermal than is currently available elsewhere, and as the campaign advances we will be adding more elements.”

“We are reaching out to young people with this effort because we see geothermal as an essential form of renewable energy to bequeath to future generations,” he added. “It’s especially important for this campaign to reach children of school age because they represent our future. We need to instill this awareness in them so they can make geothermal energy tomorrow’s reality.”

In addition to eliminating direct burning of fossil fuel and providing clean and quiet heating and cooling, geothermal systems can also supplement or provide all the heat needed for domestic hot water, hot tubs and swimming pools, saving even more energy. They provide comfortable and quiet heat and cooling and, because no elements of the system are exposed to outside weather conditions, are extremely resilient and typically enjoy a long operational life, improving their payback.  

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Source: Bosch