Zurn Industries’ EZCarry high performance carrier system provides up to three times better waste line carry, a 500-lb. standard load rating and unmatched labor-saving features.

For the first time in over a quarter century, commercial plumbing advancements behind the wall now align with the eco-friendly, water conserving flush valves and bowls of today. The innovative carrier has been re-engineered from front to back to meet the high demands of the 21st century providing building owners with reduced down time associated with waste line clogging.

Advancements in computer-aided hydraulic design assisted engineers in developing a patent pending 3” faceplate orifice and coupling combination that propels waste through the optimized waterway in the fitting.  The EZCarry’s exclusive hydraulic features enhance the performance of any common flush valve and fixture combination. Available in both 4” and 3” waste line configurations, the EZCarry aligns with future market changes as antiquated line sizing, developed when toilets used 5 gallons of water, moves from 4” to 3”.

The EZCarry is an industry first combining best in class hydraulic performance, enhanced load rating and lighter weight. Popular models weigh in at less than 50 lbs, which when coupled with the EZCarry Handle, allows a single person to move a fully assembled carrier safely without assistance.

“Most manufacturers only have the ability to tune one component,” says Bill Verdecchia, director of product management and engineering. “But at Zurn our breadth of product allows us to optimize the flush valve, fixture, and the carrier to provide the best overall system performance. Although the carrier is a breakthrough by itself, when coupled with the new Zurn EcoVantage 1.1 gpf ZTR Sensor Wall Bowl System a customer uses 31% less water per flush than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) current maximum standard of 1.6 gpf, and virtually eliminates drain line clogging associated with low flow systems. Zurn’s paired performance systems make sense for everyone and helps preserve our natural resources.”