To the Editor:

The August pmearticle on the Seattle jail omits to say why many other buildings in Seattle do not have the same problems as the jail. Certainly, it is important for current and future buildings to know the limitations and problems with conventional hot- and cold-water piping in Seattle and this article does not explain why this building and its problems are unique.


Larry Spielvogel, P.E.

L. G. Spielvogel, Inc.

Bala Cynwyd, Pa.



Regarding your Sept. 2014 column, I am one of those guys with a bunch of letters after my name, but not P.E. I achieved my EIT back in 1974, but didn’t bother to get the P.E., even though I took the courses. I was just too busy at work on the Alaska Pipeline at that time. After working for Fluor for nine years, I went to work for Morrison Knudsen and decided to pursue my MBA at night. I guess I was getting burned out on technical issues and wanted to get more involved in how projects get funded and started.

Prior to getting my MBA, I achieved the Certified Cost Engineer, Certified Construction Manager and California A/B contractor licenses. After the MBA, I got the Project Management Professional and LEED designations. Has it helped? Absolutely. I went on to become an owner’s rep and a construction consultant and now own apartment buildings. I am 64 now and still do consulting, but never looked back on not getting the P.E.


David Bentley, PMP, CCM, CCE, LEED AP

Professional Project Manager and Construction Consultant

President, Bentley Management Group LLC

Rolling Hills, Calif.


Mr. Ballanco:

I enjoyed your article in pme. I too, think the designations have gotten out of hand. I use CEM (Certified Energy Manager) currently because it’s required for my position, otherwise I only use P.E. I used to be a CPD, but have let it lapse, and I am a LEED AP.

ASHRAE has several certifications, but the Association of Energy Engineers (certifying body for the CEM) have really outdone themselves as far as initials:


Rick L. Hautekeete, P.E., CEM

Mechanical Engineer | Energy Manager

PAE | Civil Engineering

Vance AFB, Okla.


Mr. Holohan:

I just read your Oct. 2014 article on cardboard and plastic apps. Great article! I laughed the whole time I read it, and I learned a thing or two, as well.

Thanks for that!


Mark Lamberson, CPD

Piping Planner

Limbach Company