Photo courtesy of Daikin Applied

During a July 9 webinar, Daikin Applied announced its Magnetic Bearing Chiller technology will be available for large-scale commercial applications. The technology, the company said, is 40% more efficient than traditional chillers in large applications.

Daikin has made the Magnetic Bearing Chiller technology available up to a 1,500-ton capacity with an expansion of the company’s popular Magnitude centrifugal chiller line. Engineers, such as Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Stantec Managing Principal Randy Pool, P.E., are eager to get projects rolling with the enhanced product.

“The engineers at Stantec are so excited about the Daikin magnetic bearing chiller technology becoming available in the 1,500-ton size that we’ve been holding off on four large projects [hospitality, health care, district cooling and commercial office building], so we could implement the Magnitude chiller,” Pool said. “We believe in the superior design of Magnitude chillers because they help us deliver on clients’ expectations for high energy efficiency, low sound ratings, and reduced maintenance and life-cycle costs.”

The chiller doesn’t use oil and that pleases many of Pool’s customers.

“Our clients want to remove the risk and cost of oil-based chillers from their projects, as they are more expensive to maintain,” Pool noted. “We’ve also found on several occasions that we can’t turn off the power to oil-based systems because it takes about an hour for the oil to heat up before the chiller can be brought back online.”