BrassCraft Manufacturing introduces new how-to videos of common plumbing installations and features on BrassCraft products. These videos can be found at and

New videos feature common plumbing installations and BrassCraft products.

The videos provide straightforward information for trade school instructors and students to professional plumbers as well as do-it-yourselfers.

BrassCraft Brand Manager Debra Lewis said, “We try to put a wealth of knowledge at our customers’ fingertips with unique online learning tools that provide quick and easy access to useful information on BrassCraft products and plumbing installation practices.The videos are a valuable addition to the resources we provide our customers.”

The new BrassCraft Manufacturing videos include:

How-to Videos:

  • How to replace/reinsert the cable in the drum auger
  • How to use a toilet auger  
  • How to use the EZ-Find™ faucet repair center
  • How to select a gas connector
  • How to install a gas connector
  • How to repair a leaky tub & shower faucet
  • How to repair a leaky bathroom faucet

 Product Videos:

  • Mixet Tub Spout
  • Safety+PLUS Excess Flow Valve
  • Push Connect Water Supply Valve
  • KT Quarter-Turn Water Supply Valve
  • Speedi Plumb PLUS Flexible Water Connector


Company products include water supply stops and connectors, gas connectors with the patented Safety+PLUS excess flow valves, gas ball valves, brass fittings, toilet repair products, an extensive faucet repair parts program and many more.