Watts Radiant recently announced its newest service of radiant floor cooling system design for commercial applications. Using the new services, Watts Radiant will provide assistance to HVAC engineers and contractors with floor cooling system calculations as well as layouts for piping and manifold design. 

Watts Radiant, a Watts Water Technologies company, develops radiant heating, floor warming, and snow melting products and applications.

“Although radiant floor heating and cooling systems offer a long list of benefits, some HVAC engineers or contractors may shy away from specifying these systems due to design complexity. Our design services eliminate the guesswork associated with specifying these systems,” said John Sweaney, senior product and customer support manager for Watts Radiant.

“This, in turn, will help give engineers and contractors quicker turnaround for generating specifications and make radiant floor heating and cooling an easier sell,” Sweaney said.

Radiant floor cooling & heating systems offer building developers and owners a long list of benefits:

  • Significant cost savings over the life of the building
  • Increased comfort with more consistent room temperature
  • Smaller ductwork and fans for energy and equipment savings
  • Increased energy efficiency, especially in rooms with high ceilings and multiple windows
  • Quieter, draft-free cooling effects
  • LEED credits in multiple categories


Other Watts Radiant services

The new design services join Watts Radiant’s existing design services, including radiant heat and snow melting load calculations and designs, material quotations for electric and hydronic systems, quotations for custom mechanical panels, and AutoCAD tubing layouts for commercial projects.