Fundamentals of Radiant Design, a six-week online educational course, will begin Jan. 13, 2014. The comprehensive course, developed in partnership with the Radiant Professionals Alliance, combines video lessons, reading assignments, homework and discussion. Course instructor is Dave Yates, an RPA member and owner of F.W. Behler Inc., a plumbing-and-heating contracting firm in York, Pa. 

RPA to present online course: Fundamentals of Radiant Design

The course is part of a new continuing education initiative directed toward the goal of an ANSI-recognized certification program for radiant heating and cooling system designers and installers.

“Education has always been a top priority of the RPA, and it will continue to be a focal point of the organization,” RPA Executive Director Mark Eatherton said. “What makes this offering unique is that the students can learn at their own pace while also getting lots of stories and tips from the instructor. Who wouldn’t want to pick Dave Yates’ brain?”


Hands-on learning

Students will gain an understanding of how and why radiant heating works, how to properly design and install high-quality systems, how to seamlessly integrate radiant heating into indoor and outdoor environments and learn about the benefits of providing excellent thermal comfort. This course will describe materials and system design methods that work well, and Yates will outline common mistakes to avoid.

Participants may already possess knowledge of both hydronic and electric radiant systems, and some of the course information may be familiar. However, they will come away with a broad knowledge of radiant systems that will prepare them for expanding their abilities, applying their skills and becoming a recognized radiant professional.

“It will be a pleasure to pay back a bit of what the RPA has done for me while paying it forward to assist designers and installers who have an interest in ramping up their knowledge,” Yates said.

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