franklin electric
Franklin Electric moved its world headquarters into a new 118,00-sq.-ft.-facility in Fort Wayne, Ind. The building has a new testing facility and utilizes geothermal heating and cooling. Photo courtesy of Franklin Electric.


Franklin Electric moved its world headquarters and its Engineering Center of Excellence to a new 118,000-sq.-ft.-facility near the Fort Wayne (Ind.) International Airport.

The new corporate headquarters will expand the company’s research, development, design and testing capacities. Currently, the company has 245 employees, but the new location will allow for future growth. The new facility also features a 24,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art testing lab for long-term production innovation.

With more than 20 Franklin Electric products used to move and manage water within the building, the new headquarters uses geothermal heating and cooling and incorporates exterior water features to act as functional parts of the system.