watts body


 Watts announces two new lead-free backflow prevention products: the LF919 reduced-pressure zone assembly and the LF719 double check valve assembly. Both assemblies are designed to protect potable water supplies by preventing the reverse flow of contaminated water. Lead-free bronze body construction ensures compliance with the new national lead-free law, which takes effect Jan. 4, 2014. The LF719 and LF919 feature two poppet-style check valves, replaceable check seats and separate access covers for each check for quick servicing. No special maintenance tools are required. The LF719 is designed for use on cross-connections in non-health-hazard applications. The LF919 is designed for use on cross-connections in health-hazard applications and features an intermediate relief valve. Both models are available in 3/4” to 1” sizes with a maximum working pressure of 175 psi.