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 The Mighty Therm2 pool heater from Laars is specifically designed for the replacement pool heater market and is available in seven sizes from 500 to 2,000 MBH. The natural gas- or LP-fired systems come standard with a built-in automatic mixing system to make sure low return water temperatures won’t condense. The mixing system includes a three-way thermostatic mixing valve and a factory-mounted and -wired pump, allowing Mighty Therm2 to handle return temperatures as low as 60° F without causing internal condensation. The Mighty Therm2 pool heater’s features also include 87% thermal efficiency, ultra-low NOx (10 ppm) emissions, a wiring terminal strip for easy electrical troubleshooting, gas and water supply on the right or left side, flexible Cat I or III venting and suitability for indoor or outdoor installation.