semco body


SEMCO introduces its IQHC series of active chilled beams that provide high-efficiency cooling and heating specifically designed for the loads of North American commercial building applications at hospitals, office buildings and schools. The IQHC offers one of the industry’s highest capacities, but features up to a 25% to 50% reduction in pump and fan horsepower respectively, vs. conventional chilled water loop or rooftop forced-air HVAC system methods. The quick-installing IQHC eliminates hours of site coordination time because of five universal 6” diameter duct knockouts with spin-fit collars located in the top or any of the four sides and universal water-piping connection locations. Each beam easily snaps into two, including mounting brackets. SEMCO’s design features a proprietary 12-slot field-adjustable nozzle with two easily accessed hand-operated levers. The integral flow pattern control also can be angled as much as 45° to address room hotspots. The nozzle adjustment additionally provides a unilateral, disproportional or equal air volume from each side.