ThermODisk inbody

Therm-O-Disc announces a new offering that enhances the comprehension and control of water chiller systems. Emerson’s Water Flow Sensor (model 80FS) allows cooling units to measure and communicate system capacity by continually monitoring both temperature and flow velocity of water. The sensor utilizes technology that enables consistent measurement close to elbows as near as three pipe diameters. This allows compact system design and provides high confidence with in-flow disturbances. The electronic design offers ModBus communication to control set points and enhance diagnostics capability. The solid-state design with no moving parts ensures high reliability and low service costs. Unique algorithms enable the same sensor configuration to serve multiple pipe sizes ranging from 1” to 4”. The sensor is compatible with many different systems. Product options include NPT or brazed-pipe connections, analog or digital outputs, several supply voltages of 12 VDC or 24 VDC and flow ranges up to 200 gpm. 

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