When we delivered the first digital edition of pme to your email inbox almost four years ago, we foresaw some benefits we hoped you would utilize. These include the convenience of immediate access to our industry news articles, green case studies and new product information via your workplace or home computer. Today, you can use your smartphone or other handheld device to stay connected wherever you are.

You also can download useful editorial content and email it to your colleagues. You can connect instantly to manufacturers’ websites through links embedded in our articles and advertisements to get more information on products you specify in the plumbing and mechanical systems you design.

The convenience of this immediacy doesn’t even touch on digital media’s green benefits, which are substantial.

Rest assured that we will continue to produce a print edition of pme so you can receive industry information how you want it, when you want it and where you want it. We’re gratified, however, when we hear from an increasing number of you who have embraced new technology to keep yourself informed.

We invested further in this technology when we re-launched www.PMengineer.com last month. Just as BNP Media, pme’s parent, took a leadership position in our industry with digital magazine delivery, our new website shows we continue to innovate.

The new site is the culmination of a months-long collaboration between pme’s staff and BNP’s online development department. Our goal is to make the site better organized for you to find the information you need to succeed.

Specific market sectors such as plumbing, mechanical systems, fire protection, solar thermal and codes are easier to locate at the top of the home page. Nearby is our improved search engine, which will allow you to find specific information on our site more quickly. 

Through surveys of pme readers by BNP’s research arm, you’ve told us you’re making greater use of videos for business purposes. We’re giving videos more prominence on our new site and will be updating them with product demonstrations, instructional material and interviews with industry professionals.

Our emphasis on giving you more product information is continuing on our new website just as it is in pme’s print and digital editions. Links to manufacturers’ websites will allow you to gather more details.

You also should know that our new site is mobile-device friendly on both Apple and Android platforms. If you happen to be away from your computer, for example, you can use your smartphone to scan the QR Code on pme’s front cover to be taken to our website.

When you navigate through our new site, you will notice that we require you to register to access certain content areas. Registration allows us to gather market-relevant data on who is visiting the site. This data helps us present the most pertinent material in our digital and print platforms. The registration process is free and should take you less than a minute to complete. Once registered, you’ll have access to all areas on the site.

We hope you take full advantage of our new website and find it useful. What we have not changed about www.PMEngineer.com is our commitment to help decision-makers such as you succeed with superior information you won’t find in one place anywhere else.

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