Matco-Norca offers a range of steam radiator heating valves constructed with brass and bronze bodies. Matco’s entire radiator valve collections are produced in ISO 9002-approved factories. Matco-Norca’s gate valves include brass SGV radiator supply valves and bronze steam radiator BSGV valves with connections x male unions. Both SGV and BSGV valves have a working steam pressure of 125-200 WOG.

Their sizes range from 1” up to 1 1/4” for SGV valves and 3/4” up to 1 1/2” for BSGV valves. Steam radiator angle valves include heavy pattern bronze BARV valves and heavy pattern brass BARVY valves, again with female iron pipe connections x male unions. BARV and BARVY valves have a working steam pressure of 15-60 WOG maximum steam pressure. Sizes range from 1/2” up to 1 1/2” for BARV valves and 1/2” up to 2” for BARVY valves. All Matco-Norca steam radiator valves come with a nut and tailpiece.