Leonard Valve honored President E. Niles Wilcox and Board of Directors Chairman Greg Wilcox with lifetime achievement awards.

Photo courtesy of Leonard Valve.

Leonard Valve honored PresidentE. Niles Wilcoxand Board of Directors ChairmanGreg Wilcoxwith lifetime achievement awards. National Sales ManagerPeter Gobispresented the awards in conjunction with the company’s 100-year anniversary celebration during ASPE’s 2012 Convention & Exposition in Charlotte, N.C.

The Wilcox brothers were commended for their commitment, dedication and leadership at Leonard Valve, which was started by founder Frederick C. Leonard in 1913. Leonard Valve manufactures thermostatic water mixing valves.

Pictured here, (from left): Rick Cota (vice president, director of technical services), E. Niles Wilcox (president), Peter Gobis III (national sales manager) and Greg Wilcox (chairman, board of directors) at Leonard Valve’s lifetime achievement award ceremony for the Wilcox brothers in Charlotte. Photo courtesy of Leonard Valve.