AERCO International’s Innovation 1350 water heater brings all the inherent benefits of the Innovation family to commercial and industrial applications that require 1.35-million Btu/hr. Ideal for new construction and retrofit, the tankless design, advanced condensing/modulating technology and scale-resistant heat exchanger of the Innovation 1350 provides consulting specifying engineers, plumbers, facilities management and building owners with a compact, reliable water heater that maximizes energy efficiency. Delivering 30:1 turndown, the Innovation 1350 has an operating efficiency of 99%.

For multiunit systems, the 1350 can be used with AERCO’s C-More Water Heater Management System to further reduce operating costs, making Innovation well-suited for “green” designs. A control system that can operate up to eight water heaters in parallel, WHM ensures all water heaters in a system operate at maximum efficiency. Designed to be redundant, WHM also allows water heaters to be taken offline for repairs and maintenance without affecting operation.

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