Liberty Pumps’ new Ascent II macerating toilet system allows for easy installation of a bathroom in areas where no gravity sewer lines may exist. Perfect for remodeling applications, the Ascent II eliminates the need for major construction or breaking concrete floors in basements. Featuring a 1.28-gpf high-efficiency toilet, the system easily macerates sewage waste and other debris with new RazorCut technology and then discharges it through a small 1” diameter line up to 25 ft. high and 150 ft. horizontally.

With tens of thousands of cycles and months of testing in a commercial installation, the RazorCut system easily handled sanitary napkins, paper towels and other difficult solids with ease. The ADA-compliant toilets, available in round front and elongated styles, have improved flush performance and carry the WaterSense mark. Both models feature insulated tanks to eliminate sweating.

Liberty Pumps.