American Standard and 25 other companies collaborate to build an industry-wide sustainability performance index.

American Standard Brandshas joined the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (HSPC) as a founding member. This is a collaborative organization to help hotel owners purchase products that both reduce their properties’ environmental impact, and contribute to guest comfort, health and well-being.American Standard’s membership furthers the Consortium’s goals of establishing the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Index (HSP Index) as the de facto performance measurement solution for the industry.

With more than 4.5 million hotel rooms in the U.S., the products that American Standard produces - including faucets, shower systems, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, kitchen sinks, bath tubs, and other plumbing products and accessories - have a substantial impact on the guest experience and the environmental footprint of a hotel.

“Increasingly, hotel guests, as well as property owners and developers, are demanding products that conserve water without sacrificing performance,” saidMichele Hudec, vice president for product and business development for American Standard Brands. “We are looking forward to working with other industry leaders, via the Consortium, to establish the performance criteria that helps make it easier to incorporate sustainable products throughout the hospitality industry.”

Twenty-five organizations are now part of the Consortium, including more than a dozen industry-leading suppliers, brands, architects, designers, purchasing firms and sustainability consultants. American Standard, along with other Consortium members, will help establish criteria for creation of a new Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Index, which will include measures of corporate social responsibility, environmental and product sustainability. Product categories covered include furnishings, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E).

"We are happy to welcome American Standard to the Consortium,” saidJoAnna Abrams, CEO of MindClick SGM, the organization’s creator. “It is important to the success of the HSP Index that the Consortium reflect the depth and breadth of products used to equip hotels, and make them attractive and responsive to guest needs. The participation of well-established industry suppliers such as American Standard reflects the belief in and recognition of the importance of the Consortium’s efforts to create an industry-wide solution for greening the hotel supply chain. She concluded, “Like other industry innovators, American Standard is taking the lead in the push to balance cost, quality and sustainability.  We look forward to their contribution in shaping the HSP Index.”

American Standard joins existing Consortium members Marriott International, Audit Logistics, Aqua Hospitality Carpets, Benjamin West, BYD, Contract Decor International, Delta Faucet Company, Innvision, InterfaceFLOR, Majestic Mirror and Frame, Mark David, PE INTERNATIONAL Inc., Quiltcraft Industries, Richloom Fabrics Group, RTKL, SERA Architects, Shafer Commercial Seating, Simmons Hospitality Bedding and Valley Forge Fabrics.

Source: American Standard