Aquatherm’s polypropylene-random, a green, highly engineered pressure pipe, is now available in North America for large-scale piping applications including high-rise buildings, large chilled water systems, district energy and water mains. To meet rising demand for use in larger, more ambitious projects, Aquatherm has extended its Greenpipe line up to 18” diameter and the Climatherm line up to 24” diameter. Climatherm standard dimension ratio 17.6, designed for HVAC applications, is available in sizes ranging from 6” diameter to 24” diameter. Greenpipe, specifically engineered for potable water, is available in SDR 11 from 1/2” diameter to 18” diameter. Greenpipe SDR 7.4 will still be available from 1/2” diameter to 10” diameter. Aquatherm PP-R pipe systems are constructed via heat fusion, which turns the pipe and fitting into a single material.