The American Society of Plumbing Engineers is opening for public comment the proposed ASPE Plumbing Engineering & Design Technical Standard 15: Hot Water Temperature and Control. Public comments will be accepted until noon CST on Dec. 30, 2011. The draft standard and public comment form can be accessed

The intent of ASPE 15 is to provide minimum requirements to regulate hot water temperature and pressure disturbances within the piping system in a plumbing installation to protect public health, safety and welfare. It is to be a mandatory regulation applicable to all new and renovated plumbing installations. This standard is not intended to apply to existing installations.

“ASPE 15 will provide a central source for acceptable ranges of hot water temperatures at the point of discharge and acceptable means of control to remove confusion over acceptable delivery temperatures,” saidDavid E. Dexter, FASPE, chair of ASPE’s Design Standards Committee. “Establishing acceptable hot water delivery temperatures in a single document decreases the potential risk of injury or harm to the end user.”

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Source: ASPE.