Bell & Gossett’s Little Red Schoolhouse Education Center, located in Morton Grove, Ill. (a Chicago suburb), has set the dates for its fall training courses. The free plumbing and hydronics seminars are open to engineers, contractors and facility maintenance professionals. The lead seminar instructor is a LEED Accredited Professional. Upon completion of the three-day seminars, 1.7 CEU credits are awarded to graduates.

The Fall 2011 Little Red Schoolhouse dates are:

  • Oct. 17-19, Modern Hydronics Basic: Learn how to size boilers, pumps, piping, compression tanks and hydronic specialties for hydronic systems.

  • Oct. 31-Nov. 2, Design & Application: Learn how to employ pump selection principles; identify the importance of control valve sizing in hydronic systems design; and compute flow requirements in primary-secondary systems for energy savings.

  • Nov. 14-16, Large Chilled Water Systems Design: Learn how to identify and evaluate pumping alternatives for the secondary loop; discuss the impact of proper sensor selection and location; and describe the benefits of good hydronic balance in large systems.

  • Dec. 5-7, Steam System Design & Application: Discuss the development of modern steam system components, design ideas and terminology; discuss common boiler controls and boiler operating principles; learn how to size steam and condensate piping using nomograms or software; and recognize how to avoid the damage mechanisms typically at work in steam heat exchangers.

  • Dec. 12-14, Design & Application.

For complete descriptions and enrollment information, Seminar reservations must be made through Bell & Gossett representatives.  A complete list of local reps, including contact names and phone numbers, can be found