"Water for Cities" theme examines urban water management challenges.

Individuals around the world are celebrating World Water Day 2011 today.

This international celebration was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992. The day is officially organized by the United Nations Water Group. This group decides each year the specific theme and which UN agency will take the lead to organize the event, which generally is held on March 22, but has been shifted in a previous year due to a religious holiday.

Many organizations throughout the world organize local World Water Day events and other activities centered around the improvement of water, sanitation and hygiene provisions throughout the world.

This year’s World Water Day theme is “Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge.” UN-Water and UN-Habitat are organizing today’s content and key messages.

According to the World Water Day 2011 website, the objective of today’s festivities is to focus international attention on the impact of rapid urban population growth, industrialization and uncertainties caused by climate change, conflicts and natural disasters on urban water systems. This year’s theme aims to spotlight and encourage governments, organizations, communities and individuals to actively engage in addressing the challenges of urban water management.

For more on World Water Day 2011, visitwww.worldwaterday2011.org.