REHAU announces an expanded offering of more than 30 REHAU Academy seminars, training classes and lunch-and-learns to meet the needs of North American construction industry professionals. Focused in the areas of hydronic radiant heating, snow and ice melting, geothermal piping, ground-air heat exchange and high-performance window and door systems, the seminars also instruct on the integration of sustainable building technologies.

“We’re pleased to offer a wide selection of training opportunities that extend across the designer, installer, builder, architect and engineer audiences, and are available in numerous topic areas and course formats,” saidLance MacNevin, unit manager of REHAU Academy. “In alignment with an upturn in the construction industry, we are experiencing even greater interest in professional PEX-based radiant and geothermal system installation seminars, as well as quality training that provides an understanding of and ability to integrate sustainable building technologies.”

The seminar program includes comprehensive, installation, design, software, lunch-and-learn and online seminars, many of which have been newly developed for 2011. Comprehensive seminars cover introductory, intermediate and advanced level topics for a diverse audience, and integrate information on system design and operation in meaningful ways for all levels of experience. 

Developed to provide the essential knowledge and techniques to complete professional, high-performance radiant heating, snow and ice melting and geothermal system projects, installation seminars offer contractor and installer training opportunities at every level of experience. 

Design seminars, created specifically for audiences such as contractors, distributors and design engineers, provide the essential knowledge and application techniques for optimizing product and system performance. 

Providing flexibility and convenience, the new set of REHAU Academy lunch-and-learn and online seminars offers opportunities for valuable knowledge acquisition as well as the potential for earning continuing education credits.

Additional information on the complete offering of seminars can be obtained by visiting the REHAU Academy website The site lists regularly updated training dates and locations, offers the ability for instant online seminar registration and includes a new 2011 downloadable seminar planner.