Educational tool demonstrates how plastic piping systems help meet today’s green building standards.

Lubrizol Corp.’sFBC Building Solutionshas a new educational DVD designed to help builders and contractors understand the environmental benefits of the company’s various plastic piping systems. The self-launching video, titled “Environmental Impact of Plastic Plumbing Systems,” addresses common questions regarding the sustainability of FlowGuard Gold® and Corzan® CPVC plumbing systems, BlazeMaster® CPVC fire sprinkler systems, and FlowGuard™ Flex PEX plumbing pipe.

Viewers can choose to watch the video in its 13-minute entirety, or they can select any of the five modules, including:
    1. How sustainable building affects you
    2. CPVC & PEX: helping you meet green building standards and scoring attributes;
    3. Introduction to LCI (Life Cycle Inventory);
    4. Energy usage, solid waste recovery and global warming; and
    5. Summary.
Much of the environmental information presented is based on a recent Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) study created by a third-party research company on behalf of The Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (PPFA).  An LCI is a proven, objective tool that examines the inputs and outputs in the life cycle of a product to assess environmental burdens. The entire LCI study is contained in a downloadable form on the DVD.

To request a copy of DVD,register onlineor call 888/234-2436, ext. 4477393.

Source: Lubrizol Corp.