Triangle Tube recently partnered with A Drink for Tomorrow to create a newly drilled well and hand pump to draw clean water for the village of Labala, located in Botswana, Africa.

A Drink for Tomorrow Founder Stephanie Weaver thanks Daniel Lasserre (right), Triangle Tube’s President, for the company’s participation in fully funding the Labala well project.

A mother and child from the village of Labala.

Triangle Tube decided to use its success in manufacturing hot water systems to fund the construction of the well in an impoverished community with no access to clean water.  Triangle Tube PresidentDaniel Lasserre, reflects upon the company’s contribution, “Because we produce water heaters and boilers, water is vital for Triangle Tube. However, it is even more essential for all people to survive. Nowhere is this more evident than in remote villages without clean water like Labala. We know that this will provide a foundation for their success, as it has for Triangle Tube.”   

Grateful for the company’s participation in the project, A Drink for Tomorrow plans to continue working with Triangle Tube and other businesses to bring life-giving water and hope to communities in dire need, saidStephanie Weaver, A Drink for Tomorrow’s founder.  

Triangle Tube is said to be the first business to step up to work with A Drink for Tomorrow to fully fund a water project.    

Source: Triangle Tube