The American Society for Testing and Materials recently issued a new standard, F2618, which details the performance requirements of CPVC pipe, fittings and solvent cements used in chemical waste drainage systems. 

Manufacturers producing products to this new specification must meet a number of criteria, including: pipe and fittings dimensions; pipe, fitting and solvent cement integrity tests; marking and minimum chemical resistance requirements for a broad range of cold and hot chemical reagents.

ASTM F2618 makes it possible for consulting engineers to more easily specify quality CPVC chemical waste systems, such asCharlotte Pipe’s ChemDrain CPVC Chemical Waste Drainage system, for their clients. ChemDrain is produced in conformance with ASTM F2618, is listed by NSF International for chemical waste and bears the mark “NSF-cw.”

More information on the standard can be found on the ASTM Web site at