ASHRAE will host its High Performance K-12 School Facilities conference on Mar. 1-2 in Atlanta, which will center on maximizing facility performance, and possibly even students’ potential.

The conference will present an integrated approach to complying with codes and standards while achieving a cost effective high performance solution to K-12 facility design, construction and operation. Its goal is to bring together administrators, design professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders to learn about the many ways to improve these facilities on operational, fiscal, engineering and administrative levels.

“Sixteen percent of schools districts’ controllable costs are spent on energy,”Ben Leppard, a member of the conference steering committee and track chair, said. “By focusing on energy efficiency and high-performance goals a school’s energy bills can be lowered, saving millions of dollars each year which can be redirected into facilities, teachers’ salaries, computers and textbooks.”

“Improved indoor air quality, acoustically designed indoor environments and high-performance lighting systems have the potential to increase student productivity,” Leppard said.

Attendees of the conference may attend sessions that focus on three key areas of high-performance school facilities:
  • ventilation systems
  • building systems control
  • and acoustics

    Advance conference registration is $450 ($350 member price) and $500 onsite ($400 member price). Click here for more information on the conference.

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