Members of the PIP Committee (including the author) have just been informed that the entire 2005 edition of the NFPA-99 code for health care facilities has been returned back to committee for additional work. Therefore, the 2005 edition of the code will continue be in effect for the next three years, until 2011.

The reason for this is that, at the 2009 Annual Meeting (Technical Section) - which took place in June and consisted of the main body of NFPA members - an amending motion was made to return the entire newly revised code back to committee for revision. This action was passed. Then in August, the Standards Council reviewed an appeal to reject this amending motion, and this appeal was denied.

In conducting the review, the Council will overturn the recommended action of the Technical Section only when a clear and substantial reason for doing so is demonstrated. The Standards Council is bound to adhere to the codes and standards of the development process. In the case of an NFPA document that was returned to the committees by the main body of the membership, it would be very rare that the Council intervenes.

All technical committee members of the seven health care facilities standard have done extensive and valuable work in reorganizing and rewriting NFPA 99. However, the membership debated and voted that the entire document was not yet ready for issuance and that further work was necessary. This was enhanced by an advisory, non-binding ballot submitted to all members of the seven committees that made up the standard. Three of the seven agreed with the annual meeting decision. Additional information before the council contains adequate support for return, and the Council must, therefore, respect the outcome of the process.

The Council now requires further processing of the 2005 edition of NFPA 99. This edition shall still be in effect for the next three years, be re-entered into the 2011 revision cycle, and proceed through the full revision cycle without a call for new proposals.

The technical committees shall reconsider and act on all public proposals previously filed, generate new committee proposals and prepare an amended Report of Proposals. This report shall be published for review.

Following the review, the processing of the new Report on Comments shall be accomplished, which, upon completion, shall also be published for review. For further information, contact Michael Frankel