Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group and advocate for green cleaning and sustainability, has been selected by the City of Indianapolis to help green its City-County Buildings (CCB).

In total, 89 applications were submitted to city and county administrators to be a part of the project, with only 25 approved, including Ashkin. The applications came from many of the country’s leading design and construction firms, engineering firms, universities and state agencies. 

Opened in 1962, CCB is a 28-story office complex that houses many of the key government offices for the city and county, as well as the county courthouse and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The Greening of the CCB, as it is called, is a year long project designed to make the building more energy, water, and resource efficient.  City administrators also believe this will save money for taxpayers and help improve the local environment.

“My role in the project is to help the facility transfer to green cleaning, as well as become more sustainable,” says Ashkin. “Like many cities, Indianapolis is now actively becoming more environmentally responsible.”

Along with Ashkin, leading the effort is the Rocky Mountain Institute.  This organization was called upon to help green the White House.  They have also worked with the Pentagon, Wal-Mart, and major office buildings in New York City, making them greener and healthier.

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