Zurn Light Commercial offers the Flo-Bowl 3" x 4" water closet flange and seal system, and Flo-Bowl Jr. water closet seal. The Flo-Bowl 3" x 4" water closet flange and wax ring replacement seal system consists of three components. First, there's a toilet adapter and sealant that bonds to the drain or horn of the water closet. The adapter passes through the second component, the rubber V-seal, creating an air- and water-tight seal with the adapter. The rubber V-seal is seated in the third component, the floor flange. The Flo-Bowl closet flange adapts to 3" and 4" plastic waste pipes. The Flo-Bowl Jr. is a direct replacement of the wax ring seal on the bottom of the water closet. It is a single piece of PVC plastic with a 3" or 4" multi-ribbed rubber seal on the lower part of the horn adapter and an adhesive rubber sealant on the top of the horn adapter.Zurn Plumbing Products Group-Zurn Light Commercial Operation.