Bell & Gossett® has introduced Check-Trol™, a new isolation flow control flange that combines the features of a flow control valve, isolation valve, and companion flange in a single valve. This three-in-one valve delivers minimal pressure drop and features a full port ball valve that allows the circulator to be removed without draining the system, an internal spring check that prevents gravity circulation and flow in the wrong direction, and a free-floating companion flange that provides for easy alignment and makes pump installation a snap. Available in 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" NPT and Sweat models, the Check-Trol (patent pending) is designed to be used with all major brands of circulators, including the Bell & Gossett NRF, NBF, and SSF wet rotors, Series PL, Series 100, HV, PR and LR circulators.Bell & Gossett.