A survey released by the International Code Council shows that workload, a shortage of resources and insufficient budgets are among the biggest concerns of building safety officials across the country. Building safety officials in the nation's 15 largest metropolitan areas were questioned about their top building concerns as part of the International Code Council Foundation's celebration of Building Safety Week April 4-10.

"The country's building boom has been wonderful and has helped spur the economy," said ICC CEO James Lee Witt. "But at the same time, that boom has put huge pressure on local building departments."

In most cities across the country, building departments are responsible for issuing all permits relating to new construction and often are called on to review building plans before work begins.

"The increased demand for services offered by building departments and insufficient budgets can affect the long-term safety of a community," said Witt. "If buildings aren't built to code, or there aren't ample resources to conduct building inspections, public safety is at risk."

Building officials surveyed cited numerous additional concerns, including the impact of natural disasters on communities, substandard housing, illegal construction and lack of public knowledge about building and housing safety.

The survey's executive summary can be found on the ICC's website at www.iccsafe.org/news/nr.