SJE-Rhombus, an alarm manufacturer, has introduced the Tank Alert AB, an indoor alarm system that alerts homeowners of threatening liquid levels in their holding tank with both an audible and visual alarm. The Tank Alert AB includes an auto reset feature and a battery back-up feature. Its NEMA 1 enclosure has a sleek, modern design that provides a touch pad for the alarm test and silence buttons. The audible alarm horn sounds when a potentially threatening liquid level condition occurs. Using the silence feature mutes the horn, while the red alarm indicator light stays on. Once the situation is remedied, the system is automatically reset. The green power indicator confirms 120-volt AC power to the alarm. If primary power fails, the Tank Alert AB continues to work due to the 9 VDC battery back-up feature. The Tank Alert AB will chirp when the battery needs to be replaced.SJE-Rhombus.