What have we done for each other in the past year? So glad you asked...

In January, we met at the AHR Expo in New York City, where you were part of an all-time attendance record of 39,000+ registered visitors (excluding exhibitors) for the event. Your in-person feedback gave us key direction as we planned our hydronics topics for the year.

February saw the beginning of the MEC ’08 Webinar series, where yours truly had the chance to provide presenter John Siegenthaler with many tough questions from attendees. 

In March, we reported in ourPMEEnewsletter that engineering is not in decline, according to the National Science Board’sScience and Engineering Indicators 2008 report. Within the pages ofPME, Publisher Bob Miodonski discussed why you need to design plumbing systems that help building owners meet their green goals.

This past April, for the second consecutive year, I got to meet with members of the Chicago ASPE chapter and take in technical presentations at their local product show.

In May, GreenWest Expo (held in Los Angeles) got our attention – as well as that of your engineering colleagues from across North America interested in the latest in green design concepts. 

We kicked off summer (June) by redesigning our Web site and starting a new column inPMEcalled “Solar Design Notebook.”

As a result of your strong interest in waterless urinals, in July I wrote an overview article of several well-known units - with a focus on how the trap seal is maintained in each one.

In August, we provided immediate online coverage of the IAPMO Emerging Technology Symposium in order to tell you about the top five new and innovative water-saving products, as selected by researchers John Koeller and Bill Gauley. Their picks included dual-flush toilets, one-pint urinals and high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves.

History took place at the ICC Final Action hearings in September when RB64 (which requires residential fire sprinklers for all new one- and two-family homes and townhouses) passed overwhelmingly. History also occurred onPMEngineer.com, which began posting daily updates, including blogs.

In October, many of you found time to chat with me at the ASPE Engineered Plumbing Exposition, held in Long Beach, CA. It was there where we showcased that month’sPME, which featured a fascinating article on the feasibility of making FOG a viable alternate domestic fuel.

Last month we reported on two important events - GreenBuild and the NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation’s two-day symposium on The Future of Fire Protection and Safety - both of which were well attended by our engineer readers.

And this month the year closes with another major green event - EcoBuild, which focuses on the intersection of technology and ecology. I await your feedback in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, let me say “thank you” for an awesome year.

“You’re welcome” to another one in 2009.