The 4th Annual Green Intelligent Buildings Conference will be held March 25-26, 2009, in Arlington, VA. Attendees will learn about the technologies, practices, and processes that will be instrumental to infrastructure and economic renewal.

Topics include:  Intelligent and sustainable buildings in education and commercial office, technology and green intelligent buildings, emerging technology, lighting controls, chilled beams and active facades, planning and financing, design & commissioning, and much more.

The two-day conference will kick-off with a keynote presentation fromKathleen Hogan, Director of Climate Protection Partnerships Division,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Other highlighted sessions & workshops include:

"Intelligent Buildings & Sustainability By Market"
Presented by: Tommy Russo, Akridge
Progressive school and commercial office owners illustrate real intelligent and sustainable building projects.

 "Designing & Commissioning Intelligent Buildings"
Presented by: Paul Ehrlich, Building Intelligent Group & Rebecca Ellis, Questions & Solutions Engineering
Learn how design & commissioning best practices and processes contribute to high performance intelligent and sustainable buildings.

 "Operating & Maintaining Intelligent Buildings"Presented by: Harry Kohal, Eagle Technology & Kevin Fuller, Interval Data Systems
Learn how technology and best practices maximize building performance over time.

 "Planning & Financing Intelligent Buildings"
Presented by: John Christmas, Hannon-Armstrong
Examine the planning process and learn about financing approaches for energy efficient and intelligent buildings.

 "Powering Intelligent Buildings: Energy & Demand Response"
Presented by: Jack McGowan, Energy Control Inc.
Further your understanding of energy issues and demand response.

Sponsored by: Tridium & Lumisys
In Partnership with: LonMark
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