Flowserve Corp. has released StarTalk XP for Window®, a software package that directs the Flowserve StarPac® valve. An industrial valve that both controls and measures flow, StarPac uses sensors mounted on the valve body to measure flow, eliminating the need for downstream metering piping. It accurately measures fluid flow rate over the entire operating range of the valve opening. As a controlling interface for StarPac, StarTalk XP's Windows-based user interface employs a single, simplified screen for configuration and operation of the valve's functionality, directing up to 255 StarPacs on a daisy chain network using direct Modbus access. The software features expanded help files and enhanced signature analysis that includes system and component diagnostics for valves, pumps, and piping. The diagnostic checks include measurement of actuator air pressure, actuator leakage, valve packing friction, pipe fouling, and pump performance.Flowserve Corp.